How to Order

Step 1.

Type of material

We offer 2 different materials, Bloodline Vec99 and BCY 452X. You will have to choose which material you would like to use. BCY 452X is the traditional material that everyone is used to, it is what comes stock on your bow. Bloodline is a newer material that has a proprietary waxless coating on it. The Vec99 has become a very popular material and is our best selling material.

Step 2.


Next choose the color of the string and serving material.  Please be aware, when serving with a lighter colored material over a darker string material, the darker color could show through. Flo colored and lighter serving materials will turn almost translucent when served, this would distort the color of the serving. If your bow has factory speed nocks, you also have the ability to select the color of your speed nocks.

Step 3.

Type of bow

We will need the manufacturer, model and year of your bow.  In some cases we will also need to know what cam is on your bow, as this can effect the string length.  If you’re unsure of this information, you can also contact us and send pictures. If we need additional information when the order comes in, we will contact you.

Step 4.

Get your strings and cables

Shipping time may vary depending on the time of year and how many orders we have at the time, some times are busier than others. However during busy times, please allow more time for the order to be processed and shipped. If you are local, you may also pick your stings up when they are complete. Generally, please allow 1-2 weeks.